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Nothing Hill


Nowhere else in the world is climate sustainability more important than the Arctic, which is warming three times faster than the global average. Which is why we incorporate sustainability in everything we do, from the smallest operations to the electricity fueling the growth in the nothingness. We have committed to be a North Star for sustainability in the 21:st century. If we can create a sustainable mini-city in the arctic, our belief is that it can be done anywhere.  We enable cutting edge research and business development to meet in order to spark sustainable gravity.

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Nothing Hill campus in Kirkenes

Real Estate Sustainability

The real estate industry plays a vital role in reducing carbon emissions, as one-third of Europe’s carbon emissions come from real estate. By renovating existing buildings we can reduce a significant amount of materials and emissions compared to building something new. With a team of dedicated experts and the latest technology, we will reduce the building’s carbon footprint to a bare minimum. This means the building will use only carbon-free energy for electricity and heating. And by doing this, the amount of emissions we can save every year equals that of 5000 cars! Nothing Hill will fueled by:

 - A 7.000 m2 solar park on the roof and on south-facing walls
- Wind turbines
- Thermic energy from earth
- Energy from the sea
- Surplus energy from the internal data center

The surplus energy will be stored using the latest battery technology and also be converted to green hydrogen. We are implementing an energy efficiency system, based on a digital twin; supported by sensors and information gathering technology throughout the building. The energy project is being developed  into a full scale demonstration project for future smart city energy solutions. To carry out the project, we have assembled a consortium consisting of relevant technology companies and two universities. The consortium will carry out the project and also form the foundation of Nothing Hill's green energy innovation cluster, which is an important element in the profiling of Nothing Hill as a leading, future-oriented green-tech epicenter in the Arctic.

In order to measure our sustainability impact we utilize the LEED framework. Which is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for buildings. It rates a property’s environmental, social and economic sustainability performance and certifies those that make the grade. As a LEED-certified property, you can be sure that Nothing Hill is a sustainable environment where your people, company and planet will thrive. In addition to us working towards the LEED we are building the first ever AI Sustainable Goals Development Scorecard in collaboration with the leading AI provider Headai and their sustainability partner Gaia. Find the outline for our collaboration and plan.

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