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Nothing Hill

Welcome to the Arctic Future

Nothing Hill is an old hospital situated on the top of the peninsula Prestoya, a stone throw away from Kirkenes city center. In majestic surroundings overlooking the vast Arctic Sea and untouched nature. Nothing Hill is being transformed from a care facility to an innovation and student campus filled with life: startups, corporates, academia, events, and hospitality. A new chapter is now being written in the history of Kirkenes, when the abandoned hospital gets new life fueled by New Nordic cooperation. Our vision is to create gravity and increase talent density in the Arctic region by focusing on the Triple-E approach: Education, Entrepreneurship and Entertainment.

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Nothingness Manifesto

The pandemic changed our everyday lives – it changed how we work, where we work, how we communicate and how we travel.

The big city syndrome has created gravity in capital cities, attracting talent like a magnet field. While the argument is that you should be where the action is, it’s disconnecting you from the world we call home.

Before the pandemic we had a rising group of distant workers – so called nomads – who travelled the world working in places that required the minimum, internet, and electricity. Now the nomad culture has become the ‘new normal’ with most of us having the freedom to work from anywhere at almost any time. We are ready, but unfortunately, the places where we seek to relocate are not.

By bridging what we call nothingness with technology and creativity we are able to provide something that caters for the needs of the modern worker. Our platform offers you the full scale platform of housing, coworking, innovation ecosystems,experiences and locations, so spectacular it feels overpowering.

We have the stunning environment, the working connections and the most amazing mix of talented people – the recipe for magic. Now It's time to embark on a journey together – individuals, companies and organizations hand in hand. Because we state that happiness can actually be bought just a few clicks away through working at home away from home.

The result? Happier people are more creative, energetic, productive and enjoy their work more. Why keep people home alone, when you can offer them the experience of their life-time while increasing efficiency, co-creation and work/life bliss.


Join us on the ground floor.


The century-long evolution of the historical mining city continues as new players make themselves well represented. In Nothing Hill, the tenant is more than the tenant: they are seen as the changemakers who have the opportunity to make a difference in every area. We’re going places – and we hope you'll join us. How do you see the future of Kirkenes?


The facilities are empty and ready for you. Inquire about the setting of the facilities and secure your place among the pioneers of the Nothingess!

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2022 - 2024

Phase 1

New life will be created in the area when the old hospital is opened and buildings are leased to companies and operators. A new residential area will be developed to home the newcomers.


Phase 2

The number of development projects are increasing and the old hospital has become an invaluable part of the center of Kirkenes and the municipality


Phase 3

The new district consists of Prestoya's protected properties and new residential buildings, connected to a lively harbor fueling trade

Nothing Hil campus

Unleashing the potential of the arctic corridor

Unleashing the potential of the arctic corridor

The New Nordics is world renowned for their shared nordic values, social mobility, high grade of sustainable innovation, best education, most VC investments per capita, quality of life and happiness. The region ranks in the top of most global indexes.

The nothingness is developing to become the new frontier of the New Nordic region. The creation of this vast ecosystem will be able to impact collaboration between universities and companies, product development and education, which also creates an excellent growth platform for starting new companies. 

The phased plan includes the development of the old and the construction of the new, and in the name of sustainable development we are preserving the elements that are the most culturally and historically significant and sensible to renovate for new use.

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