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Nothing Hill


We carefully select our local and global partner network


We carefully select our local and global partner network

We carefully select our local and global partner network

Together with our partners, we drive forward the next generation of tech entrepreneurs to develop new technologies and transform industries. Together with our global networks of friends, we provide a local-aid-guide to some of the hottest tech hubs worldwide.


The most prominent venture capital firms in Finland are part of our community. Together with a strong presence of international venture capital companies, we provide new deal flow to our investors. This is the best place to stay up-to-date about exciting startups, as well as network with other investors.

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Members Directory

Already today, Nothing Hill provides a home to 20 different organizations, from startups to accelerators, schools, and ecosystem supporters that power the community.

We are a truly connected New Nordic community with partners from the Baltics to the Barents Sea

Community Programs

Our community partners offers a wide selection of programs and services. "Workations, wellness, corporate offsites, arctic experiences," Do you want to develop a program at Nothing Hill, become part of our community"


The Nothing Hill Workations is a program designed for people wanting to take a break from their daily routines and join like minded people on an experience like no other. Our community partner ICE has already organized three Workations with people all the way from Silicon Valley.

Corporate offsites

Through our community partners we offer unique and highly customizable offsites for corporates wanting to give their employees something out of the ordinary. Please reach out to learn more and get in contact with our community partners.

Arctic Experiences

The majestic nature and surroundings of the Nothingness is arguably among the most beautiful on the planet. At Nothing Hill we want to offer our community a perfect work/life balance and we believe that extraordinary experiences are a key component to enable this. 


This is why we have gathered a highly experienced tourism team from the local community that has developed a large variety of Nothingness experiences. Such as deep sea fishing, snow scooter/northern lights safari, king crab safari, culinary hiking experiences as well as highly customizable experiences combining the different offerings.

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