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Nothing Hill

What is the Triple-E Model?

Nothing Hill is an old hospital situated on the top of the peninsula Prestoya, a stone throw away from Kirkenes city center. In majestic surroundings overlooking the vast Arctic Sea and untouched nature. 

Nothing Hill is being transformed from a care facility to an innovation and student campus filled with life: startups, corporates, academia, events, and hospitality. A new chapter is now being written in the history of Kirkenes, when the abandoned hospital gets new life fueled by New Nordic cooperation.

Our vision is to create gravity and increase talent density in the Arctic region by focusing on the Triple-E approach: Education, Entrepreneurship and Entertainment.

Nothing Hill campus in Kirkenes, Norway
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Entertainment & Wellness

Entertainment & Wellness

At the core of Nothing Hill lies the belief that the most powerful way of succeeding in one's professional, academic and personal life is to have fun and take good care of yourself. 

At Nothing Hill our short and long term guests will be able to enjoy a wide range of services designed to help them feel and perform better, both mentally and physically. At Nothing the modern gym, spa facilities, meditation and yoga rooms, and much more will be supported by our in-house business coaches, personal trainers, nutritionists, yoga masters and general wellness experts. Which is done via our partner Työdynamo Oy with over 15 years experience and 30 professionals on the team. 

The majestic nature and surroundings of the Nothingness is arguably among the most beautiful on the planet. At Nothing Hill we want to offer our community a perfect work/life balance and we believe that extraordinary experiences are a key component to enable this. 


This is why we have gathered a highly experienced tourism team from the local community that has developed a large variety of Nothingness experiences. Such as deep sea fishing, snow scooter/northern lights safari, king crab safari, culinary hiking experiences as well as highly customizable experiences combining the different offerings. 

Coworking in Nothing Hill

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The first floor of the hospital is currently being transformed into a large-scale co-working space of the highest standards. With a large open floor plan, a large variety of meeting rooms and conference spaces. In addition, we offer studios, offices and other relevant spaces. The coworking space is being co-developed with our partner Crazy Town, who is the leading coworking operator in Finland. 

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The basement is being utilized as an innovation space where companies will be able to pilot and develop their products through makerspaces, innovation labs and research facilities. This allows efficient R&D processes to happen between the companies and universities bringing new innovation to life. New innovations create new companies to the region which fills the premises further.

Working in Nothing Hill



Nothing Hill will embody the core strengths of the New Nordic regions, being internationally recognized to have the world's best educational systems. An entire floor is being highly customized for all levels of education, from kindergarten all the way to universities and beyond. The current layout of the building is already relatively well suited for hosting educational programs by having large rooms and many common spaces. We have reserved approximately 5.300 sqm of space for educational institutions. 

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